Flow of the application

Flow of the application

Online application: Find our online application form here and submit now. After submitting it, we will contact you about the concrete next steps. 
Note:  Make sure you approached your Local Office regarding APPLICATION Deadlines as it can change office by office. 

Selection interview: Based on your application you will take part on a selection interview which will be in english and take 20-25 minutes if you are applying for The eXperience Project, and around 75 minutes, if you would like to take part in the Global Expert professional internship program. We will focus on your skills and competencies are needed to take part in the given program.

Outgoing Preparation Day:  If you are selected for the program based on your application and interview, you will take part on the Outgoing Preparation Day. On this event we will give you information and help needed to your internship. This event is obligatory, and will be located in Budapest and Szeged.

Finding the intership:   After passing the prevoius steps, we will help you to find your internship.

 Note: After the selection interview, you have to transfer the fee of the program, which depends on your local office.

By registering, I agree and accept that AIESEC MKE handles and stores my personal data provided by me via the registration form, only for the duration of my selection for the participation and for the duration of my participation in the chosen programme, and only for the purpose of realization of the programme.